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Lumora® is under Development

Lumora® is a collection of multiple puzzle games by Echospawn Studios™

Lumora® breaks the boundaries of ordinary puzzle games with new concepts, original music, and endless customization to personalize your experience.

Game Modes:

Lumora®: Tower - Destroy the yellow, protect the blue, use the power ups for advantages. As levels are completed, the size of the tower grows 1x1.

Lumora®: Gravity - Break the red, but don't let the blue fall off the edge. Freeze your gravity by turning the camera to change physics.

Lumora®: Shatter - Fly through a digital world aiming to detroy as many targets as possible.

Lumora®: Shuffle - Swipe colors around to line up vertical stacks of each color within a multi colored cube.

Lumora®: Balance - Use shapes to build up to goals. The higher the goal the harder to balance the shapes.

Lumora®: Shape - Rotate a stencil that constantly changes to line up the shapes falling through.

Lumora®: Hex - Use a glowing hexagon to collect colors, while dodging voids.

Lumora®: Prime - Match colors on each side of the Prime Cube to create shapes that will be the key to a door. Continue to create new shapes to progress through all the doors.

More to come...

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