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Our Deep Space Music Pack 1 is live!

Echospawn Studios Presents:

Deep Space Music Pack 1

Purchase here:

With 20 minutes of seamless looping music across 10 tracks, Explore the outer limits of your virtual universe with the immersive audio of Deep Space.

Tracks included:

01. Space Walker(4:32)

02. Alone(1:45)

03. Space Opera(1:49)

04. Approach(1:39)

05. Forge(2:16)

06. Sanctum(1:41)

07. Refugee(1:24)

08. Frequency(2:00)

09. Memories(1:34)

10. Solitude(1:47)

All Tracks are seamless looping OGG and Wave files at 44,100 Hz, 16 Bit, Stereo.

Music Composer/ Sound Engineer - Anders Kile Grønningsæter

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