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My Story


      Most people take comfort in the everyday tasks that fill up our lives. They won't admit it, but without them, life becomes too much of a question. Our jobs, family, friends and hobbies are what structure our lives and distract us from questions. Media is a place that can capture a small glimpse of those lives and let them step off the edge and fly. Whether its transforming robots, unrealistic happily ever afters, alien invasions, or individuals with extraordinary abilities, our imaginations are sparked and then it’s back to the daily routine. When it comes to my passion, I aim for that spark to ignite! I want my creation to connect with the individual and break that cycle that stops them from questioning. I want to create that feeling of attempting to close a door with your mind, just in case. It may sound childish to think you may have superpowers but that faint moment of "just in case", is what I believe allows me to step into a different world and share it.

My dream is to create worlds, characters, and concepts that break outside the mold that so much media tends to find itself in. Worlds like Avatar's or Bioshock's that are so original, yet still function in a way that you could imagine really exists. Characters like Heath Ledger's Joker that makes you forget the actors are actors. Concepts like the Matrix or Inception that make you actually question reality. These are some of the few gems that surface from time to time and I aim to create one of the next.

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