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In this Case Study I will be going over my ongoing work with Avex Homes and their need for quick turnaround 3D houses for homes that are not yet built. This series of projects was a big change for me in my normal flow of work as I don't normally have a high turnout rate of similar 3D models that need to be completed in unrealistic speeds. This meant I had to take a different approach when creating these homes and my first big step was realizing that it was impossible for me to meet their deadlines if I modeled everything from scratch every time. This meant purchasing assets, which I've never done before and though I know from my time working at Cybis in downtown Orlando that it is quite common to just buy something instead of making it, but it has never been something I pursued. I learned real quick that it was the best option and this allowed me to work on my newly found gardening skills. I actually looked up houses with professional gardens so that I could assort the plants in a way that looked good. I also realized that I would have to edit a lot of these purchased plants and trees to make them look like they were actually in Florida. The next step was modeling the house in a way so that I could easily take it apart like Legos and just edit it to be the next house. At first this didn't really work but after the 3rd or 4th house I had the process down and it was my childhood Lego days all over again.


Below is an assortment of some of the houses I created.

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